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  • 17 year experience in the gaming industry with a focus on texture, modeling and concept art
  • 7 AAA titles shipped  (18 if you include all the ports I have worked on)
  • Team player with excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to both lead and collaborate
  •  Innovative artist with digital and traditional art skills looking to push game art to the next level.ART 
  •  Texture Creation
  • 3D Modeling
  • Concept Art
  •  Story boarding
  •  Illustration
  •  Graphic Design
  •  Drawing, Painting and Photography
  • Character modeling/rigging
  • Animation
  • Game design
  • Level dssign
  • Frontend / HUD design/creation/animation
  • Maya
  • 3D Studio Max
  • Soft Image
  • Adobe Photoshop CS
  • Adobe After FX
  • Adobe Premier
  • crazybump
  • Zbrush
  • Spine
  • Tilt Brush

Captain America 2010              Texture Artist                                                PS3,XBox360

Crash Mind Over Mutant        Texture Art & Environment Modeling    PS2, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP, DS 2008
Crash Of The Titans                Texture Art & Environment Modeling    PS2, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP, DS 2007
Crash Tag Team Racing          Texture Art & Environment Modeling    PS2, Xbox , PSP, GameCube 2005
ESPN Baseball 2k4                Texture Art & World Building               Xbox 2004
Toxic Grind                             Texture Art & Concept Art                  Xbox 2002
World Series Baseball 2k2      Texture Art & Concept Art                  Xbox 2001


2012 - Current  Exit Earth Entertainment , Vancouver BC
           Indy Development of "Epic Little Dude"

  • Art Director Primary Artist 
  • Concept, modeling, rigging, textures, level design, media art.

2010-2011 Next Level Games , Vancouver BC
  • Lead environment Texture Artist for Captain America Serum Soldier
  • Developed unique textures sets for the all locations of the world
  • Developed unique textures sets for the environment props interactive and non interactive.
  • Developed unique textures for real time decals  (ie ground pounds, foot prints, bullet holes)
  • Developed animated textures for world environments (ie spinning propellers, burning embers)  

2005-2010 Radical Entertainment: a division of Activison, Vancouver BC
  • Lead Texture Artist & Environment Modeler Created high quality textures for the Crash Bandicoot franchise: Crash Tag TeamRacing, Crash Of The Titans, Crash Mind Over Mutant using Maya, Photoshop,crazybump and traditional drawing, painting and photography
  • Developed unique textures sets for the various locations of the Crash Bandicoot world
  •  Interpreted concept drawings for usage by world builders and environmental modelers
  •  Initiated and monitored the schedule and texture memory budgets for the multiple platforms simultaneously
  •  Provided training and mentorship to new art team hires as well as junior artists
  •  Recruited new art talent through attending game development conferences, graduation screenings and art exhibits in the community.
2002-2004 Blue Shift Entertainment, Victoria BC

Texture Artist & World Builder
  • Produced realistic textures and environments for use in ESPN Baseball 2K4 usingMaya and Photoshop
2001-2002 Exile Interactive Inc., Parksville, BC

Texture Artist & Concept Artist
  • Created textures for use in World Series Baseball, Toxic Grind
  •  Drew concept work for Toxic Grind and projects in development
1999 – 2001 Sirius Animation Inc., Vancouver, BC
Concept Artist & Production Artist
  •  Designed all aspects of character design, including environments, costumes, and props
  •  Established model sheets and worked one on one with the modelers and texture artists
  •  Edited storyboard animatics using Premier, After FX, and PVR
2000-Current Cowie & Fox Creative, Vancouver, BC
Concept Artist & Design Artist
  •  Conceptualize and draw graphics, logos and lettering for individual products as well as print and web-based publications
1998-2000 Invasion Enterprises Ltd., Vancouver, BC
Concept Artist & Design Artist
  •  Collaborated with riders and owner of this snowboard company to created graphics for snowboard products

1998 – 1999 Vancouver Institute of Media Arts, Vancouver, BC Certificate in Computer Animation
1993-1994 Sungoma Art Center, Duncan BC Certificate in traditional Gold and Silversmithing


Game Developers Conference, San Francisco CA March 2012
Life Drawing and Social Drawing Club, Vancouver BC Current
Game Developers Conference Canada, Vancouver BC May 2009
Game Developers Conference, San Francisco CA February 2009

Surfing, photography, fine art, music and cooking