Radical Entertainment.

 Games shipped while at Radical Entertainment 2005-2010

 Crash Mind Over Mutant
 lead texture artist /environment modeler 

I worked at Radical Entertainment from 2005-2010
I created unique texture sets for the various locations of Crash Bandicoot's world. I worked closely with the art director and the concept artist to define the look and feel of the locations. During the concept phase of the project, I and a small team of one lighter and one world modeler, would create a small vertical slice of each environment to test textures, shaders, geo, and lighting. This was a great way to get the look down and create all the pieces needed to make the worlds. This also gave us a chance to establish art budgets and try different shaders. During the production phase, working with the larger production team, I would have time to paint the final textures, create matte paintings, model and map UV's. During the final polish phase I would return to working with a small team to hand paint the lighting, balance textures and adjust
geo and collision.

I worked form concepts provided from the concept artist
to establish the texture sets I created.

some of the textures to create the above environments

more textures based off concept

During pre-production I often had time to help out with concept at Radical.
I really enjoyed being involved in pre-production it helped me grasp the art style and gave me time to practices mimicking it.

While working on this character concept I also developed a brush set in photo shop that I passed along to the character modelers.

character exploration

quick story board for a mission and level layout

more textures based off concept

In the ice world because I needed to have pure white
and still have hints of blues I chose to use colored maps.
Also the matte painting are in color.

Crash Of The Titans
lead texture artist /environment modeler 

Textures in game with final lighting.
All texture creation by myself. My duties also included
skybox creation for each level, all matte paintings, final UV
mapping, and help with the final lighting clean up.

 Lighting by Manuel Silva lead lighter.

Some examples of art samples. These were
created to test out the style, lighting, texture, play area, shaders,
and memory.

Crash Tag Team Racing
texture artist /environment modeler 

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